ProMeasures is a developer and supplier of mobile apps to help providers with mental health assessment and treatment. Medical offices and their billing companies use the ProMeasures apps to administer mental health screenings to patients, and receive insurance payments for completing these screenings.

ProMeasures, LLC was founded by medical professionals to improve patient care and provide physicians with effective diagnostic support through specialized software applications. By allowing physicians to easily administer screenings that are encouraged by insurers, our apps enable health care providers to generate previously unrealized revenue with negligible expense and hassle.


Mental health conditions are highly prevalent, and yet often go undetected.


9.5% of adults experience clinical depression per year.

Only 50.9% of those are receiving treatment.


18.1% of adults experience clinically significant anxiety per year.

Only 36.9% of those are receiving treatment.


17 million adults have an alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Only 7.6% of those receive specialty treatment for AUD.




83.2% of adults had contact with a health care professional in the past year.

Thus, the primary care office has the greatest potential to identify mental health conditions and improve care!



Meet Our Team

John Saksa, Psy.D.


Dr. Saksa is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Farmington, CT. He was a Yale School of Medicine faculty member in psychiatry. After 15 years at Yale, he now pursues his private practice and App innovation & development. He is responsible for the choice of assessment instruments used, and associated clinical diagnostic interpretation of assessment findings.

Heather Sutkowski, M.A.

Director of Development

Mrs. Sutkowski is a certified teacher with a Master’s degree in Computing in Education. She spearheads ProMeasures app development and continued updating.

Jaclyn Saksa, M.S.

Training Coordinator

Ms. Saksa holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in psychology and training subfields. She is the primary trainer of medical staff for new installations. Ms. Saksa is the primary contact for usage support.

Paul Sutkowski

Technical Supervisor

Mr. Sutkowski holds a degree in Computer Network Technology and is a senior supervising technician for numerous small to medium sized businesses. He is responsible for all technical support and installation. Paul visits each client to ensure that all hardware and software are fully operational.

Eric Maass

Manager of Business Development

Mr. Maass is a Managing Partner of Emerging Markets Intrinsic, Ltd, a hedge fund with assets of more than $2bn. He is an experienced businessman with expertise in start up ventures and global business development. He is responsible for business management and acquisitions.