Who should use ProMeasures?

All primary care physicians, OB-GYNs, Pediatricians, and many other specialties.

How much does it cost to use the ProMeasures system?

We have multiple billing strategies. We will work with each user to provide them with the optimal cost structure to suit the size of the practice.

No. Really, how much?

It typically costs as little as $300 to generate $10,000 in additional revenues. Large scale practices typically need more iPads and the cost would, of course, be more.

How does the staff get trained?

ProMeasures provides all the training, setup, and systems integration.

What extra work does the physician have to do to collect this data or be compensated?

Nothing. The physician is handed the test results quite similarly to being handed lab results, and provides treatment or referral if desired by the patient.

What if the patient denies all symptoms?

Physician is paid regardless for administering the screening assessment. The screening assessment should be administered each and every year.

What if a physician is not comfortable with psychiatric diagnostic criteria?

The program quantifies the patient’s responses and provides required guidance. Doctor can always refer the patient out to specialty.

What if the physician initiates a treatment, such as for depression?

Patient is scheduled for a follow-up appointment at an appropriate interval, such as 2-6 weeks. At that time, the same assessment battery is administered and billed for “Computer Administered Assessment” since a diagnosis now exists.

What if we don’t want to use ProMeasures anymore?

Just send it back. There are no obligations or long term contracts. Terminate whenever you want, but none of our customers have ever sent one back.